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  1. vank1ta

    Request I am looking for similar notices

    Hello, vag I'm looking for similar notifications for pressing a button as in pepe but I need them for esx And of course if someone offers to say something and a way of truth
  2. Gyginee

    Job QG-Miner and QG-Lumberjack for QBCore, can use for PEPE

    The same job as video, but was modifying and you can config items in server.lua and config.lua No job requirement No encrypt MinerJob + Preview: + Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dpwiPj5nlCByuCmz5TphxkpFO50Ddshm/view?usp=sharing + VT...
  3. kullmap94

    ServerFile Server PEPE

    PEPE máy chủ Đội Nopixelpi Được xây dựng trong vòng 4 tháng + Error does does not doing + Unknown error + được kiểm tra kỹ lưỡng cho 64 khe cắm + 60. FPS trung bình Máy chủ chạy tốt * 8 core * 12gb * 1gb mbs * windows 2016 * Navicat + VIDEO...
  4. kullmap94

    Question everyone is admin

    everyone is admin pepe

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