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    安裝 第 1 步:將資源拖放到您的服務器上! 第 1-2 步:您不需要在數據庫中導入 sql,腳本會自行執行。 第 2 步:在您選擇的框架中配置腳本。 第 3 步:將項目添加到列表 QBCore(共享/items.lua) [“containergreensmall”] = { ["name"] = "containergreensmall", ["label"] = "綠色小容器", [“重量”] = 5000, ["類型"] = "項目", ["image"] =...
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    Inventory QB-Inventory ESX CSS

    Hello Vag Forum Members Today I Will Share The Css Of The Qb To Esx Inventory According To My Research It Has Not Been Shared Here Before For Your Benefit. The Css Image Has A Pleasant Appearance I Hope You Like It I Don't Put Vt Because It's Github Link Good Forums *** Hidden text: You do...