qb framework

  1. Keira Yagami

    PAID [QB] Realistic Handcuffs System / (Item)

    Realistic Handcuffs System Featured For QBCore By Yagami &MohamedV2 Features : This Script allow the player to Cuff other player with an item called 'handcuffs', and after cuffing the player the handcuffs will disappear from your inventory and they will be replaced with an other item called...

    Hey! Are you interested in high quality scripts inspired by nopixel, look no more! Join Exos Development and get your scripts now! Invite Link: Join the Ex0s Development Discord Server! Preview of Phone: qb-phone // discord.gg/R5fnUfjZvR Preview of Multichar: qb-multicharacter //...
  3. Rhodinium

    PAID [QB-CORE] NoPixel 3.5 Spawn - Soontm - PAID

    Ive been sat for the past lord knows how many hours trying to get this working in QB. The main part is done I just need to re-do all the SQL strings (Easy work) Then that side of it is done. JOIN DISCORD TO KEEP UPDATED WITH MY RESOURCES AND EDITS: https://discord.gg/V78FzkbBjA Next to get...