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  1. jewelshop


    PAKETİN TÜRKÇE AÇIKLAMASI VE İNCELEMESİ İÇİN DİSCORD ADRESİME GELEBİLİRSİNİZ First of all, Greetings Friends. I've been in Fivem for about 3 years, I've been working as a developer for 1.1-5 years, and I'm trying to push myself one step further every day. I tried to prepare a package suitable...
  2. Trojen


    Hi! It is at the forefront of the map issue Maps that are not used on most servers in the world have been used. New fields mean new roles. The package is NEW QBCORE . There are completely up-to-date scripts in it. They are all optimized. You can watch videos from this channel...
  3. iiTzVein

    PAID Original STRIEZ V3 NP BASE with 0 errors fixed by me + QB Core NP v3.5 + FM DEV NP-BASE V3.5

    PREVIEW OF STRIEZ V3 60$ : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HV8ybHGBN-U&t=152s PREVIEW OF QBCORE NOPIXEL V3.5 with license not leaked!!!! 10$ : https://fivemm.shop/product/nopixel-3-5-full-server/ FM DEV NP 3.5 60$ ...
  4. Script DRX DARKWEB V2

    - forum.cfx.re: [QB] Darkweb v2 - Tebex: https://deltarix-scripts.tebex.io/category/QBCore Introducing Darkweb v2, the ultimate tool for creating and managing an in-game black market. With Darkweb v2, you have the power to create as many categories as you'd like, each with their own unique...
  5. Shane_dis

    Advertisement [Paid] Custom QBCore Framework Nopixel Inspired Fivem Server

    Fully Customized Nopixel Inspired qbcore Based Server.. Why Choose us ? over 2 years of experience in fivem and (qbcore frameworks). reasonable price. Fully open source code. Free updates and support after purchase. Friendly communication. What will be included in the server ? Main Features...
  6. hamataha

    PAID Full QBCore Server 2023 (Brand New Scripts)

    Add me on discord for more information : HaMa#9181 Join My Discord Server : https://discord.gg/j3cbGmxbzJ
  7. ReazelHostRP

    Advertisement Qbcore Base Roleplay Mandem

    this is a qbcore base made for everyone if you want to download it and you will like it too much this server is called Mandem
  8. Respown


    QBCORE_PLANTS.rar - AnonFiles Enjoy... I have not tested it but i think it will work. Target is implamented in cl_plants last line. All The Exports that are needed to run this script is in the Folder....
  9. Script Brichka Spawn Selector for QB-Core

    # Screenshots *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  10. sb80


    Hey Everyone! I'd like to promote and share my new fivem server OUTKAST RP with you. Please accept my invite to come and explore as well as make yourself at home here. I know there are a lot of great servers out there that you can choose from so I would be honored if you come to check us out 🥰...
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  12. Request Gas station simulator / Buy and manage your own gas station (ESX/VRP/QBCORE)

    I'm looking for a Gas station simulator / Buy and manage your own gas station and it's just QBCore
  13. Dronext

    Script Qbcore qb-phone works perfect the actually new version of qb-phone for saltychat

    The actually new version of the QBcore qb-phone edit by me and works perfect. https://workupload.com/file/Xfp4XNGvGdL
  14. tony Malabc

    [PAID] qbcore V5 the beast

    - Nouveau serveur qbcore V5 avec toutes les nouvelles fonctionnalités, systèmes d'interaction oculaire - Je le vends à 50 %. - le serveur a moins d'un mois Discorde : Malbac#6782 Discorde : Malbac#6782
  15. Advertisement TopShelf RP

    Welcome to TopShelf RP, in our city YOU create your own story. Whether you want to become a DOJ, an officer for our LSPD, a paramedic, or a Burger Shot employee and climb the ranks in your new journey. Become a talented bank hacker and offer your services, race for fame and money in Los Santos...
  16. HUD QBCore NoPixel HUD 3.0