1. Rhodinium

    ServerFile Project Phoenix - Free Public Server With Updates

    Project Phoenix. Over the past 6 years on FiveM it's been a rollercoster, Iv'e watched this community go from great to terrible... It's time that changed. I am now building a QBCore server from the ground up that is FREE and PUBLIC with UPDATES, The reason for this is that I want to stop all...
  2. Rhodinium

    Discontinued - Admin/Moderator this can be removed.

    Due to inconsiderate people the project and sales have been stopped, Can a Admin/Moderator please remove this post.
  3. BigT.

    Request QPixel V2 | NP-Base

    Need a working link, github ones arent working
  4. buwar_o7

    Advertisement QPixel V3 [leaked FREE DOWNLOAD]

    This includes Nopixel leaks such as NP Vehicles NP Clothes and much more No Preview If you wanna contact me for whatever reason Buwar.#4022 on discord Friend Requests are on Like i said its a shit server. Good For Grabbing assets and putting it into your own QB-Core Server If you wanna make...
  5. El Flacko

    PAID Selling Qpixel V1 and V2 - Cheap

    Ayo im selling Qpixel V1 and V2 so message me on here if you wanna buy it cheap.
  6. ClipsOfficial

    PAID No Longer Up

    No Longer Up
  7. fusi0nreflex

    PAID [QBCORE] Starter Pre-made Server | NP Inspired

    QBCORE STARTER PRE-MADE I am selling my own working QBCore pre-made server, it is a completely look alike to qpixel. Sorry kazumi :/. It is basically qpixel but looks a bit older due too the fact I stopped working on it. It is a good one time price, it is a higher price too stop people from...
  8. Rhodinium

    PAID [QBCore] QPixel - 1:1 LIKENESS NoPixel Server - Available now at a much lower price

    QPixel Official 1.0 Server Files. After the recent leaks of the server people have been requesting I sell the files cheaper, So that's what has been done.QPixel server files are now available for $50 a month. Some files are encrypted but editable where needed. There is little support on the...
  9. Rhodinium

    Advertisement Qpixel Official - Community Server Opening Soon! NEW FRAMEWORK!

    Official Website Follow us on Twitter Community Discord play.qpixel.gg QPixel Official is currently in beta testing. What is QPixel? QPixel is a heavily developed server inspired by a well-known community. We offer a quality and professional roleplay experience to all of our members. This...
  10. Rhodinium

    PAID [QBCore] Qpixel - 1:1 LIKENESS NoPixel Server - SOURCE CODE ONLY.

    Didn't think I would be re-posting this after all the haters last time, But to be perfectly honest the only ones attacking this are those who are trying to sell leaked fake ass broken NoPixel servers. So here we are, The QPIXEL server is now available once again! We scrapped the subscription...