1. Iceman859

    Request Looking for a resource but I don't know the name

    Okay, so the best I can describe it is that I played on a server in the past that had a phone app that was essentially a ported version of ******** that was re-branded by the server and they even had a domain you could visit in a web browser that hooked into it. The resource was really cool and...
  2. felippeDev

    Question An appropriate learning paths for beginners and the future of fiveM development

    Hi there, I'm a web developer for a couple years. Almost 15 years working with HTML, CSS, C#/.Net, and nowadays working with Node.js and react and I'm a enthusiast of game development. I love GTA roleplay since 2018 and always thinking how to bring these practices to professional software...
  3. nevess

    Question qb-spawn

    Does anyone know how I in qb-spawn put the player to spawn in the last location automatically, without choosing the place where to spawn?
  4. thisistwinz

    Request question about Deobfuscator

    Good afternoon, I'm currently looking for a deobfuscator, any recommendations, should definitely deobfusacate the latest scripts. Thank you in advance for the help!
  5. Request Charactor Editor

    Somebody got this Character Editor? (not the best quality of the Pictures but i hope somebody has it or can find it :D)
  6. Request I am searching for this hud

    Does anyone have this kind of hud. If you guys have it , can you please provide me a file. Thanks in advance