1. PatrickWajong

    Script ESX Casino Complete!

    ESX Complete Casino: - MLO - Luckywheel - 55 working slots - Roulette - Atm outside casino - Buy / Sellshop Casino Chips read the README file! **only the sound of slots doesnt work** Grtz Patrick Wajong *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text...
  2. PatrickWajong

    Script closed

  3. PatrickWajong

    Script Closed

  4. UX_Systems

    PAID Roulette (ESX & QBCore)

    Description about UX_Roulette: UX_Roulette represents one of the most liked gambling games in the world on your FiveM-Server in which a player can bet on numbers, colors, columns, dozens and odd and even. After the player had placed all bets he can start the spin and the wheel starts to rotate...