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  1. Pluton Dev

    PAID SAMP Inspired Roleplay Chat FiveM [QB/ESX] | YBN GTA:World WINDY CITY Inspired [PAID] [OPEN SOURCE]

    Youtube This chat is made to look the same a the samp chat for GTA SAN ANDREAS lovers. You can decide to remove or to keep the 3D text above the character's head. It supports ESX and QB frameworks. Everything can be easily modified in the Config.lua file. Enjoy the script. Tebex Link...
  2. viber

    PAID (FiveM) thug-chat-v2 | SA:MP, YBN Inspired Roleplay Chat (Voice & Text Based) [QB][ESX][OPEN SOURCE]

    Hello, today we have prepared an SA:MP Inspired Chat V2 script for you. This version contains more features and commands compared to V1. For example, the other chat only supported Voice RP, this chat also supports Text RP according to your request. It also includes Staff Chat and Report system...
  3. viber

    Removed from sale!

    Removed from sale!
  4. viber

    PAID (FiveM) SA:MP, YBN Inspired Roleplay Chat (chat-theme) [QB][ESX][PAID][OPEN SOURCE]

    !!! THIS TOPIC IS OLD, THUG-CHAT-V2 IS RELEASED !!! Hello guys, I thought while sitting today and decided to make a SA:MP inspired chat theme. I hope you like it. Tebex Link Tebex Link (Open Source) Chat Input Me Do Twitter Advert Live (Weazel News) LSPD Announcement LSMS...