1. ServerFile STS Shooting & Scenes Server Files

    The Server Owner Deezy Wants To Scam Me LOL F**K Him Here Yall Go!! Enjoy!!! Some Files Are Escrowed But Easy To Replace. Stream Files Included
  2. Drip Jacker

    Question Scripts resistant to changing the default binding

    I have a problem with the default button binding on my server(Qb-core). So far, in the client->main.lua file, changing the "RegisterKeyMapping" line helped and the keys were correctly set as I wanted by default. However, I have a problem with the "pma-voice" and "nui_drawtext" scripts. In the...
  3. Lunny

    [Paid] NoPixel 3.0 Scenes ESX

    Hello guys , I am selling NoPixel 3.0 Scenes ESX Framework Showcase Contact Discord : Lunny#7190