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  1. Marcelskiii

    Request Searching for [ESX] Redutzu-MDT script

  2. guguck

    Request need myFarming / myJobsystem script

    does somebody have this script? https://forum.cfx.re/t/esx-eng-de-myjobsystem-with-delivery-missions-experience-system-and-manufacture-paid/2035832 and if u have the myLockers script too https://forum.cfx.re/t/mylockers-locker-system-with-keycard-and-password-perfect-for-roleplay/4772353/1 i...
  3. qMinatop

    Request Core Drugs [ESX]

    MMaybe someone has ten scripts? https://www.c8re.store/package/4756298
  4. Inventory Inventory NoPixel for ESX

    I'm looking for a NoPixel-like inventory that works with ESX, and not for compatibility issues, etc.

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