1. Palfy205

    Advertisement OFFICIAL | State of Mind Role-Play 18+ SERIOUS RP Menu-Based (SOMRP)

    SOMRP is recruiting 18+ mature members with or without law enforcement experience or roleplay experience to fully enjoy the community that we have created. When it comes to patrols and scenes, we are not GTA:Online or LSPDFR, there are not pursuits every minute and shootings, our scenarios are...
  2. Palfy205

    Advertisement State of Mind Role-Play | SOMRP | Serious RP | 18+ | Menu Based |

    Hello, and thanks for reading this; State of Mind Role-Play (SOMRP) is a vMenu-Based small community looking for more members. This is a whitelisted community with a google form application. Before applying, you can join the Discord, but most channels and the FiveM server will be blocked. We do...