standalone framework

  1. Script Simple Slash Tires | Standalone

    Here is a script for puncturing vehicle tires. You must use the following weapons: WEAPON_KNIFE WEAPON_BOTTLE, WEAPON_DAGGER, WEAPON_HATCHET, WEAPON_MACHETE, WEAPON_SWITCHBLADE Download link : INSTALLATION: unzip the...

    PAID [PAID][$0,99][SCRIPT] Basic Car Anims - Simple animations while driving.

    Hello, everyone! I hope you're all having a fantastic day. Today, I'm excited to introduce you to my very first script. I'm just another aspiring FiveM developer, creating scripts as a hobby. I created this script to address the lack of player animation within vehicles. Therefore, I decided to...
  3. Script [STANDALONE] [TASKBAR] c2n_taskbar

    Beautiful taskbar with key challenges, very easy to use and with readme Moderator: download link updated
  4. American Script


    Framework : ALL ! Captura de pantalla 2024-01-09 2329001165×667 60.6 KB NOPIXEL STYLE AMERICAN SCRIPT STYLE * Captura de pantalla 2024-01-09 2335271160×602 149 KB Preview : buy : 1
  5. fendy_start

    Script okokReport | FULLY WORKED |

    okokReport Features: [Features] Standalone resource also ready to work with ESX/QBCore; Server admins get notified when a new report is created; Server admins can disable the new report notifications; Players can only have 1 report opened; It has a built-in chat; Server admins have the...
  6. dekufpss

    Advertisement [PAID] FiveM Server PvP Standalone Redzone - Match System - AimTraining - And more!

    I selling my server PvP, for more info DIscord: dekufps Link Discord: Join the ITF NETWORK Discord Server! / Join the deku - cfg & opti #1.4 Discord Server! Link Video Server: ItalianFreeroam Gamemode Selling dekufps
  7. Delayed

    Script [QBCore] Multi Job System

    [QBCore] Multi Job System Preview Download [[/SVGFILE"]qb-multijob – Google Drive] *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  8. Paradox575

    [Standalone] Fivem Clothing Menu Modern UI

    XP Scripts Presents〢 XP-Clothign Menu Feature : 1. Real Time Ped Interface Clothing Menu 2. No Well Known Glitches. 3. Well Optimized Run At 0.0ms. How To Install After Buying : 1. Open Your Cfg And Write `ensure xp-clothing` [Do Not Change Resource Name Other Wise It Will Not Work]. 2. If...
  9. Driftlord

    Script [standalone] Police Report

    Heres standalone police report script. Drag and Drop
  10. KonaN


    // [ Kondu X Perdition ] ANTICHEAT ÖZELLİKLERİ MÜŞTERİ YÖNÜ : ➜Menü Ekranında ➜Oyuncu Koruması ➜Anti Tanrı Modu ➜Anti Yenilmez ➜Teleport Karşıtı Hack ➜Anti Oyuncu Blip ➜İzleyici Karşıtı Oyuncu ➜Anti Hasar Düzenleme ➜Anti Patlayıcı Silah ➜Anti Araç Hash Değiştirici ➜Anti Model Değiştirici...
  11. multi-thread

    [PAID] [Standalone Framework] Project Wosa

    🚧 World Of San Andreas - New FiveM Framework 🚧 Is your community ready for something new? Let us introduce you to our roleplay framework Wosa. 🔥 World Of San Andreas commonly called Wosa is a FiveM framework ready to serve your community a much greater experience than ever before. Are you tired...