status hud

  1. ysfbaker


    Hello, ATY_İCEHUD was shared in the forum and I decided to edit this hud. I think it was a nice hud, I hope it will help fivem get rid of the round hud used on every server, even if it is a small help. Update - I looked at it, it would be better if there was a border so that we could notice...
  2. arvinzax.oneshop


    [qb][esx] FIVEM SCOREBOARD V2 With Slider 💎 ADDED SLIDER 💎 ADDED ROBBERIES ✅ Fully animated ✅ It has a section of Robberies ✅ It has a player information section ✅ It has a job information section ✅ With the ability to place the server logo ✅ It has a picture gallery system with slider ✅...
  3. RaynoX

    PAID P-hud | Advanced Hud | Car Hud | Status | Notification

    Preview Features - Health, armor, hunger, thirst, stamina, oxygen - Notifications with sounds! - Seatbelt, cruise control, nitrous, vehicle health and seatbelt sound effects! - Settings will be saved to database! - Highly configurable - Key bindigs, status etc. - Street name - Voice indicator...
  4. PAID ////////// deleted

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  5. PAID deleted

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  6. Script [Free] aty_icehud | Black & White Hud | Status and Carhud

    Preview Link Features Health Armor Hunger Thirst Stamina Oxygen Location Speedometer Seatbelt Cruise Control If you're not belted, you'll fly out the window
  7. Lilibeth

    HUD Status Hud Pack I Esx I 2021

    Dear vag forum members, today I am sharing something you may like. A HUD inspired by Cosmo_HUD & Nopixel 3.0 For FiveM (ESX) Features HUD elements toggled in /hud are saved to the users cache, meaning you don’t need to turn every element on and off each time you load into the...