1. DopamineXYZ


    Does anyone have this leaked, thanks.
  2. Script vms_tattooshop

    ShowCase: LINK: 30.2 KB file on MEGA
  3. fendy_start

    Script Tattoos Shop System | With Pre Configurated Tattoos

    Hello VAG Community, Here you can Find a Tattoos Shop System with pre Configurated Tattoos and Language Pack for EN / FR You can Change all Position in the config.yml Virus Scan: Enjoy
  4. pxnter


    OPEN SOURCE Preview: 7€ DM: pxnter
  5. Guide How to make custom tattoos of your own?

    I've been wanting to make custom tattoos for my character for a very long time, but how. What programs will I need or maybe you have a tutorial, since I didn't find anything.
  6. aVis8180

    Request Addon Tattoos and Makeup

    Hi, I am looking for someone to explain to me how to create addon tattoos and makeup on FiveM. I have been looking for information about this for a long time and therefore I want to ask you if you happen to know how to create such things. At the moment, I have found a method to make...
  7. Request The Lost MC Tattoo

    Does anyone have this tattos ? Lost MC Back Tattoo | GTA 5 BIKERMODS
  8. alphastoner

    PAID [PAID] QB - TattooShop Custom

    Base Tattoo Shop with all custom tattoos you need for RP servers. There are templets to create your own tattoos. Transparent tattoos, buy and remove tattoos and more! Video Tebex
  9. WilersYT

    Tattoo LS : GANG

    Preview : Discord : Join the Wilers Mods Discord Server! Shop : in this map we have 5 versions : - Ballas - Bloods - Families - Marabunta - Vagos He contains : - 2 Tattoo's Places - 3 Waiting Places - A Checkout Stand - A Unique Decoration This map do not...