1. Alonzo009z

    Request Gang System

    A complete gang system needed, can be included with turfs if possible. Garage, Stashes, Armory, Shared house if possible aswell ! Thanks in advance.
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    :) Glizzy RP :) Welcome to GlizzyRP, a new addon to the 100k or Die Family. (Made in the ESX framework) Here at GlizzyRP, we strive to keep the community happy. Thus by adding new resources, and requested features that the community wants. GlizzyRP is a very newly developed server...
  3. percferg

    Advertisement Scarface RP

    Scarface RP Semi-Serious RP (Gang server) We have: -Whitelisted jobs such as mechanic, PD, EMS -Custom gang system with turfs (Taxing other players, Hourly money for turf) -3 Different drugs which you can control -Island (Cayo Perico) -Planes, boats, obviously imported cars -Free gang houses...