1. SheldonDev

    Script GMOD VIPs system

    Hi, today I'm sharing with you a hyper advanced VIP system, it includes support for discord, tebex and is really very simpa, the only thing is that it is protected by the cfx system, I hope someone will be able to decrypt it! :giggle:
  2. PAID 🅰aty_vip | Advanced Vip System

    Preview Config Create Functions Features - You can create your own categories and add items - Fully customizable - Working with tebex - Create your own functions (giveitem, givecar, givemoney etc.) - Written with react Market & Price **17.70EUR ESX ESX (Open Source) QBCore QBCore (Open...
  3. Alpatch0

    MLO/YMAP Map Liberty City VIP RPFLiberty V 4.1

    - Lasted Fixed map we share at this time RPFLiberty V 4.1 - All futur update from this map is included - All interior from GTA4 inclued and full Fixed included - 20 MLO's open interior from GTA5 in you choice in list in this discord ( not GTA4 interior is allready included ) If you have special...
  4. OfficialWalker

    Complete plugin and play Roleplay server

    The perfect plugin and play. Set up in 5 mins and you have a really good server to RP and host a roleplay Server. The server was develop by a group of developers and software enginers, the framework is QBUS and It's really optmized has you can see bellow on the photo the server was made in 8...
  5. Ares

    Script Discord Defined VIP Script

    Hello Vag Forum Users, today I wanted to share with you a system that I believe will be useful for you to see somewhere, this script is discord compatible vip shop script logic, the people you give vip can reach this shop, I hope you like it, good forums *** Hidden text: You do not have...