web shop

  1. Murgator

    PAID [QBCore/ESX] Tip4Serv donation web shop (Paypal and Stripe)

    Tip4Serv donation web shop This script connects your Tip4Serv.com web shop to your FiveM server. How it works ? The script checks if a player has made a donation on your Tip4Serv store and delivers the order (money, rank, vehicle, item...) by typing commands in the server console. FiveM...
  2. playlolly

    [QB/ESX/vRP] Tesla Dealer (Dealership, Web Shop)

    High quality dealer with showroom. The Tesla dealer is where you can buy your Tesla, just like in real life. The map has been lovingly created with custom 3D textures to represent a realistic dealership. The car salesman workspace is frequently visited. All Tesla vehicles are displayed and you...