1. NProbleM

    PAID PAID] NProbleM Plants (Modern and Databased Weed System) [QBCore] [ESX]

    newplants311920×1152 203 KB Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ru99KB1I3o&t=4s 1 Buy Here: QBCore / ESX FEATURES; Planting Weed: When the player uses the female seed item in a region allowed in the config file, it will plant weed. The size of weed varies according to the current...
  2. Request Looking for rep-weed system script

  3. ens.

    PAID [QBCore] NoPixel 3.5 Inspired Plant and Weedrun

    nopixel plant and weedrun developed completely with the final version in view. preview: tebex for more information: discord
  4. killerbiene

    Script PS Weed Planting [QBCORE]

    Here I get the ps Weedplanting V 1.6 I haven't tested it. So please don't freak out if it doesn't work have a nice Day ;) -Dependencies [QBCore | oxmysql ] Virus Checker no Virus -Installation Download ZIP Drag and drop resource into your server files, make sure to remove -main in the...
  5. obudevs

    PAID OBU-WEED | Weed planting system

    ℹ️INFORMATION - New QBCore Framework. - 3 different props for growth. - 3 different seed. - 3 different weed. - Polices can be destroy plants. - Players can have a maximum of 2 plants. (Can be change in config.) - Using qb-target and qb-menu. - Added no using target version for buy Tebex Link...
  6. dziba

    NoPixel 3.5 plant

    selling np 3.5 plant system if you are interested contact me on my discord !Dziba#9841
  7. Script Utx Weed

    Easy to config weed system. Showcase: Weed System | Utinax | https://discord.gg/kvfWuMj6FN Explanation: 0.01 ms when not in interaction. It is a classic weed system. As it is seen in the video, you get the weed doing the things in order. You have to have a bag to package the weed. You should...
  8. sdsdfwegege

    Advertisement request delete

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