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Advertisement Active Community | Active Devs | Gangs | Cops | EMS | Serious RP |

Sep 16, 2021
North Dakota
AbyssRP | Brand New | Active Community | Active Devs| Gangs | Hiring Cops | Hiring EMS | Allowlisted | Customized Framework | Serious Roleplay |
Feel free to join into AbyssRP its brand new but already has a steady player base and would like more people who enjoy roleplay, even if you're new to roleplay the players are very friendly and will help you learn the ropes. AbyssRP is hiring Law Enforcement and EMS, there is a ton of legal jobs you can do and or open businesses that you can put in a business proposal and try running your own business.

There is also a lot of illegal activity and illegal jobs such as store robbery's, bank robberies, big bank robberies, bank trucks, house robberies, drug running, and more coming in the near future. There is constant work being done by the devs as soon as they get a bug or known issue they are quickly on the issue and trying to fix it.

But overall AbyssRP cares about the roleplay and likes to make stories and have a good time, there are many different options for people when they first come into the city and that is up to what direction your character's story leads them in. Hop on in and have a good time cant wait to see all the new faces.


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