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Anticheat AppleCheat - Anti-Cheat v1.2


Head Admin
May 6, 2021
Reaction score
Hello, your Apple is back!
My next release was planned to be different, but seems like there are alot of servers currently being possessed by cheaters.
I decided to code a quick anti-cheat and haven’t really tested it yet that much (I am not able to test with multiple players).
It seems like some players have problems with some features: Update your server, if this does not help: disable the feature.
Give “applecheat.bypass” as ace to players / groups, that should not get kicked.
Currently detected features:
  • Speedhack
  • Manipulated timer
  • Night and Thermal Vision
  • Drunk
  • Key pressing (maybe opening a menu)
  • Godmode
  • Health-setter
  • Regeneration-Multiplier
  • Invisible
  • Kill players
  • Torque-Multiplier
  • Power-Multiplier
  • Lod-Multiplier
  • Light-Multiplier
  • Damage-Multiplier
  • Vehicle godmode
  • Invisible vehicle
  • Cheated weapons
  • Infinite ammo
  • Manipulated resources
  • Manipulated commands
  • Triggering events
  • Teleport (also detects no-clip)
  • Fake-Chat-Message
Almost every feature is configurable (take a look at both .lua files)
There is no quarantee for everything to work!
Lynx source-code (if someone wants to continue and add detections (feel free to release your version))
(376.4 KB)
(438.4 KB)
(435.4 KB)
(208.4 KB)
(4.8 KB)
I recommend changing the name of the resource.
(4.2 KB)
  • Added regeneration-multiplier detection
  • Fixed healthsetter giving you less health
  • Added damage-multiplier detection
  • Added invisible vehicle detection
  • Added key pressing detection
  • Added night and thermal vision detection
  • Added drunk detection
  • Added fake-message detection
  • Fixed health-setter detection
  • Added discord-webhook feature
  • Added infinite-ammonation detection
  • Added teleport detection (also detects no-clip)
  • Fully detecting god-mode now
  • Added manipulated timer detection
  • Fixed kicking players

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