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Oct 25, 2021
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Hi guys ,
we are a UK based community with a range of different matters of life aspects you can do in our city we average around 11 players a day and we desperately need cops to join and civ's,
Dank London RP has been in development for over 5 months and is now ready for you to come and have fun.
We appreciate that the population will be low during the first phase of a new server but if you stick with it we are confident that you will make this your new home.
Dank London RP drives the realistic concept of grinding for items and vehicles which you will learn to enjoy. The economy is balanced so that players will value their decision making when it comes to buying their first vehicle.
There is plenty to do in the city with jobs such as delivery driver, garbage collection and taxi service and many more. You will never be bored with the range of employment. The government whitelist applications are now open for such things as Police, EMS, Mechanics, Driving instructor, Sky bar manager, Burgershot manager and many more. Come into the city, manage your staff with your own boss menu, hire and fire at will.
Drugs are hidden within the city. If you discover them you could make some big bucks, there are also some other ways in which they are introduced which will blow your mind.
Weapons will be hard to come by in the city, but if you can find out who runs the blackmarket you will be set, customizable weapon attachments will also be a great feature.
There are lots of houses within the city which have custom interiors which are NOT MLO’s. These are for the players who wish to relax in a small community where neighbours are treated like family.
Get a crew together, grab the items and complete jewellery store heist , hold up gas station shops, and complete the ultimate heist at pacific bank, make sure you plan it properly and have a good getaway driver as the police could deploy swat to assess the scene.
There is so much more to do, you can be anyone you want to on Dank London Roleplay Come into the discord today and say hello we will guide and help get set up in the city. Come speak to the management team who are always on hand and very friendly.
Server IP: (F8) CONNECT