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Advertisement Devise RP | Serious Roleplay | MANY Jobs | WL Jobs | Many Robberies | Custom Robberies | +130 Custom Cars | Gangs |Etc


Sep 17, 2021
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Devise is a new "serious" RP server. With inspiration from many of the top servers, we bring many features you already know and love, as well we have many custom/new ones.

Our goal is to provide you with an extremely immersive, professional RP experience for both new, and experienced players.

Why choose us?

-Player Owned Housing, Created By Realtors. (Fully Customizable/Furnishable)

-Whitelisted Jobs: Police, EMS, Car Dealer, Real Estate, Mechanic, Lawyer & Judge.

-Legal Jobs: Burgershot, LS Pizza, Sanitation, Truck Driving, Taxi, Hot Dog Sales, Builder, Coffee Shop, and MORE!

-Diamond Casino: Blackjack Tables (Slots coming very soon)

-Drug Collecting, Processing, Crafting, Selling, & Corner Selling (All Are Hidden Locations Found In RP)

-Black Market

-Robberies: Banks, Stores, Trucks, Jewelry, Houses and others!

-Whitelisted Gangs With Boss Menu

-130+ Custom Vehicles by PLOK

-Item Crafting

-Street Racing(With an App)

-Welcoming and Friendly Community

-Extremely Motivated Developers Pushing Out Updates

-MUCH MORE! Come find out!

CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR STAFF, In game admins & Discord mods.

Devise is always looking for dedicated members to join our whitelisted jobs. These jobs are the best in the city, offering tons of oppurtunity for promotions, and growth.

Even if you're new, it's a great way to meet new people in the city!

With MUCH more to come, we hope you come give us a shot, we think you'll have a hard time leaving! :)



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