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Guide ESX Job selector with Discord Whitelist

Meta Online


Jul 4, 2021
✌️ Hello VAG Forum Family ✌️


An ESX Job Selector with Discord Whitelist​

A configurable FiveM ESX script that allows players to take jobs, using Discord roles to whitelist these jobs.

I intend to make something better (and probably paid) in the future that has a UI and designated job selection locations, but this is what I accomplished today and it works quite well! Enjoy.

Configuration Options​

You define “Job Names” with associated ESX jobs and grades in config.lua along with a list of Discord roles. You can also define if you want the user to have all of the roles in your list or only one of the roles in the list. Note: You must list all jobs (including unemployed) here if you want the user to be able to select them using this script. The command (/takejob in the screenshots) is also configurable.


You must have configured and started for this resource to work.

This resource was built and designed for


  • Place esx_discordjobs in your server resources.
  • Edit config.lua with your desired jobs and roles.
  • Add start esx_discordjobs to your server.cfg.


Take Job Command - Configurable


Message when Job is Selected


Message when Job does not exist in config


Message when user does not have permission to take the job (They don’t have the required Discord role(s))


Download Link:

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