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Advertisement FIERCE RP | Police/EMS applications open | Dugs | Gangs | MLO Houses | Jobs | Buyable stores and gas stations |


Jun 12, 2021
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Hello! Welcome to Fierce Roleplay a serious RP server. We are a brand new server that’s just starting so don’t expect a huge player base just yet we are working towards that. Our city will be community-run, so we will be taking suggestions from our civilians on what they would like to see within the city or what they would like us to change about it.

What can you expect from us? We are a serious roleplay server with plenty to offer to our civilians from working as a farmer to providing our civilians with cars we have it all and more. Want to own a gas station and store well you can. There are plenty of ways to earn money in our city as well as many opportunities for some great roleplay scenes to be created naturally.

Housing? Well, all of our buyable houses are MLO’s so no more horrible looking window textures you can actually see the beautiful outdoors through your windows.

Drugs? All of our drugs locations are hidden around the map, There are 4 locations to find in total. Do you flex your e muscle to teleport you ask, Well now you don’t as all of our drug locations are MLO’s too.

How do the gangs work? Well, instead of using gangs in our city we actually use a crew system. The crew system has a leaderboard and the ranking system go off the number of kills each crew has. So whatever crew is at the top of the leaderboard by the end of the week will receive either money to buy the crew more items or will get some hard to obtain items. Bear in mind this may change in time if our citizens don’t like this idea.

Want to find out more about our city then come along and join us we are friendly and welcome new and experienced players.

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