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PAID [FiveM] [ESX] Zerks Carding


Aug 13, 2022
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This script is a carding script, which includes going next to an ATM, and using the cloned card at the ATM, it lets you withdraw a range of money, which can be customized in the config.lua of the script.
You can add and remove cards, and change the chances of withdrawing at the ATM with the certain card, all in the config.lua.
You can also use a card embosser to emboss card details into a blank card.

[How it works]​

  • Go up to an ATM
  • Use a certain card of your choice
  • Wait until it processes
  • Once processed, it has a chance of failing and calling the police
  • If successful, it gives you a certain amount into black money (can be changed in the configuration)

[How the card embosser works]​

  • Use the card embosser item
  • A chance to receive the card, for each card
  • Gives you the embossed card, and removes the blank card
  • A chance to fail to emboss the card, removes the blank card

In the config file you are able to change:​

  • esx:getSharedObject trigger (For people who use scramblers on their resources)
  • If police can use the cards at ATMs
  • The police job name
  • Any of the strings, if you would like to change any of the text
  • Add / remove cards
  • Change card names, for each card
  • Change chance of freezing the card, for each card
  • Change chance of getting the card from using a card embosser and a blank, for each card
  • Change the item name for the frozen card
  • Change the scale of money that you receive, for each card
  • Change which account type you receive the money in (money, black_money, bank)
  • Add and remove ATM props (hash)
  • Change the card embosser item name
  • Change the blank card item name


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[CFX Asset Escrow System]

This script is using the CFX Asset Escrow System.
for more info.

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