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May 6, 2021
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If your interested consider getting in contact with me on my discord: ImTheOne#2102

Hey. This is the latest version of the esx framework I have been working on lately. I was going to host a server using it myself but I do not have the time to dedicate towards hosting a decent server/community that would be sustainable due to my work hours (therefore I don't see a point in trying haha). Thus I decided to provide it to you guys :)

Originally someone contacted me a couple months ago asking me to work on a server/framework for them that would run "amazingly and without any lag". I did decide to take him up on his offer and dedicate time towards this project resulting in what I like to call my framework, optimized, easily configurable with guides and easy to install with zero bugs, simply because the guy I was talking to was a pure simpleton.

That said, I spent countless hours writing up a guide answering any basic/intermediate questions/concerns you might have when trying to change anything on the server. But even if that doesn't help I'll still be able to help you out.

As a developer working around fivem for the past couple years now I have seen how easy it is for servers to rise up in population due to them having bug-free, optimized and stable content keeping all players engaged. Choosing to aspire from that aspect I actually came up with something that performs better in that regard.

Here's a few things the server currently includes:

Features List
This is a very rough list going through some of the features of this framework/server. This is a small snippet of everything included but are easily some of my favorites, thus I listed them.

- Custom Job center
- Custom crafting menu
- Custom inventory menu optimized with zero desync and multiple different image sets available
- Custom Drug Import script
- Custom GcPhone V3 with Integrated Twitter support
- Premium Anti-Cheat (One of the best around by far)
- Player owned businesses - Buy/own a store and do missions to receive stock, which players buy in real time generating profits towards your store: All stores around the map preconfigured and configurable.
- Player owned gas stations - Buy/own a gas station and do missions to receive fuel, which players can use to refuel their vehicles at your station generating profits towards your store: Locations pre-configured and configurable.
- Player owned car dealerships - players can purchase a license to make their own car dealership anywhere of their choosing. Thus allowing them to show stock (vehicles), buy stock and or sell it.
- Custom mechanic job with an easy to use UI and animations that go along with it
- Custom robberies a few of them being banks, mansions, yachts, bunkers, hideouts and jewelry stores
- Jobs including Police, EMS, Mechanic, Garbage, etc.
- Custom Gangs Script, With Mafia and Street Gang pre-configured, Easily add more from one simple config.
- Kashacters Multi-Char (Support for up to 4 character slots) with custom theme
- Custom/Premium Buildings and MLO's including City Hall, Pillbox Hospital, Legion 24/7, Legion Weed store, Mission Row PD, Comedy Club, Lost MC, And Mafia mansion Interiors. More can be added upon your request (must have the resource)
- Black-market store with pre-configured items
- Legal/Illegal weapons store with items/prices set accordingly
- Driving School Building with driving test.
- Custom ambulance vehicles pack bundled into one, can be edited upon your request
- Custom police vehicles pack bundled into one, can be edited upon your request
- 260+ high quality custom cars pack bundled into one resource, can be edited upon your request
- NPC medical assistance script - lay on a hospital bed to recover
- Advanced Housing System
- Advanced Car Dealership
- Custom automatic prison
- My Custom Casino with 3 games and a business/job included
- NPC all drug sales/oxy sales
- Multiple Administrator scripts, such as easyadmin and vmenu
- Optimized, the server runs at a maximum of 2.8ms
- Multiple translations available, able to cover almost any language
- All hotkeys preconfigured and easily changeable, e.g f1 and f2 menu's (a guide is provided listing all hotkeys)
- Preset purchasable player motels around the map, along with a custom property script allowing players to purchase furniture and place it in their purchased house.
- A Cinema System at the Beach you can Watch Youtube/Twitch or any online clip with, you can add people who can do the /hypnonema command in the server.cfg
- MMA/Boxing job with arena for boxing match events

There is SO much more involved with this server I wish I could list but I would be typing for hours trying to cover it all, especially everything working behind the scenes to keep everything optimized and clients 60FPS+.

I'll be working on this esx framework for the next 3 months seeking to push the boundary further and achieve even smoother results. However, in its current state it performs exceedingly better than any other server I've seen so far and runs without any hinderances on any machine (tested fact) including zap or any dedicated box. If your interested in getting a hold of this server to use for yourself (with updates and support or without).

If your interested consider getting in contact with me on my discord: ImTheOne#2102


May 8, 2021
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What optimizations were applied to this?


Apr 2, 2021
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I sent you a friendrequest im Mr. Dior

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