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Guide Fivem Rend Problem


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Jul 4, 2021
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✌️Hello VAG Forum Family✌️
I will tell you how to solve the problem of roads and buildings not loading (rendering)

1-)Turning the graphics settings to low
Computer > Documentation > Rockstar Games > GTA V > settings
(❗You must make this setting before entering the❗)

2-)Turning on VSYNC (Vertical Synchronization) from settings
Vsync =is an option that helps you match the aspect ratio with the refresh rate of the monitor

3-)Verifying game files from Steam
Right click on GTA V from Steam and select Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game files

4-)Checking the ping values
Your ping values may be common to this problem. Make sure your ping values are normal
(ping check site = link )

5-)Clearing cache files
Press Windows key + R. Type AppData in the window that appears. Local > FiveM from the files > FiveM Application Data > cache
(You can delete the cache file directly. It will be reloaded and cleaned when entering Fivem)

6-)DX 10.1 Back DX 11
Make DirectX 10.1 in the game settings, save and then import it back to DX11.


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