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Apr 18, 2021
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Hello, as a result of many people's research about pk, I decided to open this guide. I hope after reading the guide what is the pk on your mind what is it for pk for what I will answer questions such as

What is PK PK stands for Short Term Memory Loss in FiveM roleplay terms.

But on some servers, PK (player kill) means this;
What is PK Player Kill -- Player is Death PK Authorized When PK Fines and Changes your name PK Rules;

There must be a valid reason.
In the PK Role, he has to cause the person to die as a role.
A PK Role is required to be followed by an official at the outset.
PK transaction not approved by the authorities can be considered invalid. (may vary depending on the role level of the server)
The other party must accept the PK.
do command and PK +- PKs not asked may be considered invalid
If the PKed person refuses the PK, heshe must have a valid reason.

While we have mentioned the PK rule, let's also touch the CK rule.
Character Death (CK)

CK; Taken from the initials of English Character Kill. It is Character Death in Turkish. If your character dies within the framework of the role, your character will be banned. You will have to start the game life again with a new story.