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Advertisement | FlareRP | Serious Roleplay | Economy RP | Hiring LEO & EMS | English | Active Staff |

Aug 5, 2021
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Server Name - FlareRP

Discord Link -

We have alot of good content and unique scripts that will give you a nice experince in game, we have 32 slots ready for any pllayer to join, our objective is to create a community of players that respect the rules and respect eachother. We are really active and respecting community. Our delevoping team keeps developing new content and shaping it the best manner is possible. Our hope is to reach a nice amount of people so we will be able then to have a really nice experience of Roleplay. The shape of the server is made in a manner where people will have to care about their actions and every character will get back what he/she does during the roleplay sits. We are an UK/US community so in our server talking in english will be required, for roleplay, initiation and so on. We are a VERY Serious Roleplay community where no rule-breaking is allowed.

  1. 🏦 We have a-lot of legal jobs for example Taxi, Delivery, Fishing and so on which you can easily get by going to the Job Centre to register for any job without having to go through a application process.

  2. 👮 We have Whitelisted jobs where, before being able to do those jobs you'll need to fill in a application with the CoC of those jobs, Those jobs include LEO (Law Enforcement Officer), EMS ( Emergency Medical Services), Mechanic, Weapon Dealer and so on...

  3. 🧪We have a lot of activities for criminals as well. Like robberies, gangs, mafias, drugs and so on...

  4. 🏘️ You have to buy a house or an appartement to be able to stash your itemsor have a safe hideout from anyone or anything. These houses must be furnished by you! So be creative!

  5. 🏎️ We have a wide variety of real life carsthat can simply be bought by visiting your nearest dealership with cash in hand.

  6. 🎥 We are Streamers friendly so if you will like to stream your gameplay sit, you'll be able to do it, we also have rules AGAINST STREAM SNIPERS AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO REPORT THEM TO US!

  7. 📋 In the fact that we are a serious community, you'll find on our discord a dedicated section where you'll be able to report other players, by posting your video evidence, so we will be able to take an action, to make the other player compensate on what it made you lose, or we gonna have a look at the evidences, and compensate for what you lost, and take an action on the player that broke a rule on you.

  8. 🐢 Are you stuck somewhere and you are bored walking around all the way to a garage or to a shop? Don't you have enough money to buy your first vehicle to move around?! No worries in our server you'll be able to call a taxi or uber to pick you up!

  9. 👯 No way to get bored! In our server there will be always a meaning to be active and online, and if it gonna be moment where not much people will be on?! Guess what is money grinding time! Yes because our server Economy is unique, balanced and being able to buy certain things will be balanced to the value of the object that you trying to buy!

  10. 🤪 Does a Car or a Weapon cost too much for your pockets?! No worries! we also have a system that will allow other players to sell their second hand cars to the second hand car dealer, and for weapons! There are actually also white-listed players as Gun Dealers Roaming around the city selling illegal cheap weapon to people that can't affoard to certain prices yet! Are you bored about your car and you want to sell it?! Go to second hand car and sell your stuff to get a new one! Are you bored about your house?! Make a nice Deal with some player and Sell your custom House for nice ammount of money!

  11. 💲 Bank robbery, Jewelry robbery and Store Robbery! For this! There is a-lot to talk! our scripts are complex so in order to understand how does it works just get on our server, roleplay with other people and learn how to do it!

  12. 🙌 Casino!!! Go All in and try to win more money by playing BalckJack in our Casino!
So come to visit our community now! Join our server, invite all your friends and you won't regret it!

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