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Advertisement Forgiven RP


Sep 7, 2021
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| Forgiven Roleplay |

We are a fast growing FiveM server, we are built on an QBus framework, and take RP as serious as possible! For those of you who don't know what ESX means, ESX basically means economy. Here, you treat everything as if it's IRL. We have a full economy, tons of criminal activity, 4+ ACTIVE police departments, an active EMS | Fire & Rescue Team, and enough civilian roleplay to last a lifetime.

Our server is filled with custom scripts, and many things you just don't see very often. For example, we have full vehicle customization, including; Engine Swaps, Mechanic Check-Ups, oil & tire pressure, NOS, custom widebodys, spoilers, rims, etc!!

And to show some more of the things we offer, here is a short list!!!!!!

- Custom MLO's to fit everyone's needs

- Over 700+ custom cars (as of right now)

- Server will be up 24/7

- A LOT of Giveaways

- Custom EUP for any and all of your Roleplay needs.

- Fun server events

- A quickly growing community

- Easy applications

- Large car catalog for Police Departments

- Active Staff/Developers

- Servers in other games!!

And a short conclusion on | Forgiven Roleplay |, we are inspired and determined to be a well organized, and all around well built server. All of our inspiration comes directly from the community, what they want, and what they aspire to Roleplay as. We are not only a community, we're a family. It's a place to meet new friends, enable new opportunity's, and have fun at the same time!!!

If you're interested, you can find out all of our info below!!




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