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ServerFile Fully Ybn Ls Inspired Pack Dm With Sql [esx] [Paid To Free]


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Sep 7, 2021
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This server pack is totally same with YBN Los Scandolous
1 Week Free Support (Install - Wishes (Not Extra Wishes Just Wishes About YBN LS))
1 Month Free Update (When YBN LS Update or Add Something free update)
Client Side | Server Side | Add-on's everything same with YBN (thanks to a friend :) )
All things checked and tested 2 week code works on this pack.
This package has been prepared at the request of many valuable customers of 8x development.
If you are not familiar with YBN Los Scandalous, this package may not be of interest to you. This package is special for YBN Los Scandolous lovers.
In fact, there is not much to say, it is a very long video, there may be parts we have not shown.
The number of scripts is between 150 and 200.(If u like too see script names or more info just use ticket) ybn core is ESX
The clothing pack has about 4000 pieces. + | The car pack has about 160 pieces. LAPD Vehicles inside too
The ymap pack has about 40-60 pieces. (And the La Revo its perfect (optional) we are gifting La Revo on this pack.) If u dont know what is La Revo check our LA -revo channel

Unfortunately, I don't have more information on the subject, their store cannot be found. I hope to have some feedback from this server in the comments.


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Aug 20, 2021
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