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Script Home System without TP / Written from scratch


Her zaman bir adım önde!
Gold Elite
Jun 29, 2021
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USA/Los Angeles
Hello VAG Users, I am sharing the home system with you. I hope you like it. Good use...
It may have some bugs I tried a long time ago it was working fine. Disc compatible.

You can buy and sell the house. A key item is coming to your inventory. If you lose the key, you can get a spare key. For places such as drawers or cabinets inside the house, they can be locked and unlocked with the special "/hkilit" command. And it has many features. You go to the realtor building to buy the house or to get things like spare keys. A flat in front of the door welcomes you. You can hover over this circle and perform the necessary actions. Thanks to those who made this script.




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