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Phone KGV-Phone (an actually good phone)


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May 6, 2021
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Alright, here goes nothing…

Want to have a fancy phone? Tired of all the RP-based phones? Want something that feels more like the vanilla GTA 5 phone? Do you want features you never knew you needed?

Well this phone is for you!


  • Scaleform-based, big deal!
  • Messaging other players
  • Camera similar to my old resource but way better, goes perfect with
  • An actual working browser for all your… ‘needs’.
  • You hold it
  • Mobile radio
  • it’s cool

How to use:​

  • The phone: Add the resource, turn it on, press up arrow, you have achieved victory. Navigation are arrow keys, Enter and Backspace.
  • Contacts: Select someone, click on them, now you can exchange suggestive messages with the someone.
  • Mobile Radio: Press Enter to toggle the radio, use up/down arrow to cycle radios.
  • Browser: Input any website and start browsing. Arrow keys move the cursor, left click clicks, mouse wheel scrolls.
  • Settings: Come on, it’s simple. Select what you want to change, press left/right, done?
  • Camera: Oh, this is a good one. When camera is open use the scroll wheel to zoom in. Press up arrow to switch to selfie mode, that’s where the fun starts. Use your mouse to rotate the angle, Spacebar to change camera position, hold F to rotate your head. Use left and right arrows to change the filter. Press [ and ] to change the gesture and X to use it. Press F to toggle the flash.

Coming soon:​

  • Contact API
  • Fancy “mobile game” that is actually a full on side activity
  • Some basic settings or something idk (such as changing colors or different browser control set)
  • More features for camera like ‘mood’ and ‘gestures’.
  • that’s actually it i think

Known bugs:​

  • yeah




(other players see you hold it too)

  • [2020-01-23] Added filters and more camera features i.e. filters and gestures.
  • [2020-02-07] Added camera flash.
  • [2020-02-12] Added settings with some basic customization.
Source and download:

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