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Script Kuz_Towing - Tow ANY Vehicle


Bronze Elite
Mar 23, 2021
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Main features

  • Tow any vehicle using any other vehicle
  • Tow vehicles without anyone in towed vehicle
  • Tow vehicles with a second player controlling the towed vehicle
  • Ropes are synced between all clients
  • Limit the vehicles speed while towing to prevent dangerous situations (Optional)
  • Disallow towing of locked vehicles to prevent players from stealing vehicles without their access (Optional)
  • Blacklisting of vehicle classes to stop them from being towed
  • Works with modded vehicles
(For ESX)

  • A towing rope item could be used to open the towing menu instead of a command (All configurable in the config file)
Towing a car without a player inside of it

When an empty vehicle is being towed, the script will take control of the vehicle to make sure it will be towed without a hitch, the vehicle will try to refrain from sliding around and will act almost as if it’s controlled by another player. This will work even on the most laggy of servers or when players internet connectivity/ping isn’t up to standard.

Towing a car with a second player controlling it

When towing a car with another player inside it, the two vehicles will simply be connected by the rope leaving both players in full control of both vehicles. They will be required the steer and brake the vehicle on their own.

0.01ms while idle
0.03 - 0.04ms while towing a vehicle

This script is standalone meaning it doesn’t require any specific framework to run. It’s possible to run it on a base FiveM server.
That means that. Yes it will run on ESX and QB


Here is the newest update (v1.0.4)

Here are the changelogs as well:
New version of Towing has been released [1.0.2] Changes: - Fixed an issue where some DLC vehicles couldn't be towed

New version of Towing has been released [1.0.3] Changes: - Made it easier to tow using vehicles with low traction - (ESX) Made it so all menu's close when using the Towing Rope item - Changed the default Config.ropeSyncDuration value to 10 seconds (down from 30)

New version of Towing has been released [1.0.4] Changes: - Fixed an issue where some vehicles would become invincible after towing This was somehow caused by enabling launch control on those vehicles for extra traction

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  • kuz_towing_1.0.4 (1).zip
    453.5 KB · Views: 372


Gold Elite
Sep 7, 2021
Reaction score
+ 1 rep !! waow this script is crazy, really thank you for your script and your shares, they are downright sick !!!!!!!:love: and yup $ 15 to save thanks to you, thank you very much


Bronze Elite
Sep 10, 2021
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anyone can convert it to QB ?

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