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Advertisement Lame 2 Fame RP | YBN | Custom Cars & Clothes | Serious RP | Ownable Stores & Businesses | Gangs | Police & EMS Careers | Economy Based


Oct 23, 2021
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Hey hey! Welcome to Lame 2 Fame RP's ad.
L2F is a FiveM RP community that's goal is to provide an experience for all to enjoy!

We are a serious RP server focused on Realism(economy based)Gangs/Organizations and the criminal justice system that actively investigates and pursues these vicious criminals.

- YBN Server
- Custom Hoods
- Walmart

Choose your path with: - Police (K9 - Forensics - Bait Cars & more)
- BCSO Gang Unit Task Force
- Car Dealerships available
- Working CASINO with 3 Card Poker, Roulette and Black Jack to make the Big Risk Payoffs.
- Civilian jobs such as Window Cleaner, Truck Driver, Uber Eats, Landscaper and plenty more to keep you entertained.
- Whitelisted Jobs such as EMS, Mechanic, Security Camera Installer, Real Estate Agent and plenty more
- Criminal life build an EMPIRE with your Whitelisted GANG/ORGANIZATION and take control over the streets by taking over the drug and weapons enterprises.

- Hundreds of custom vehicles to choose from and customize any way you want, bring them out to compete at illegal street races, car shows or just hanging out at our local movie theater, hookah lounge, skating rink, bowling or city wide events.

- Own-able shops and businesses such as Walmart, McDonalds, Medical Dispensery, Resturaunts and plenty of Gun & Ammo stores and local stores that your in control of managing the Employees, Stock and keeping an enjoyable environment for the community.

- ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT | Friendly Staff and Admins | We are eager to hear your feedback and implement new features!

The L2F RP staff is experienced hosting gaming communities that have seen thousands of players monthly on various platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, and pc.

We look forward to your feedback; Join the discord for further info!


Quickjoin: cfx.re/join/ypqo7y
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