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Advertisement Land Down Under RP | REALISTIC Economy | Extremely Fun RP | Customizable Housing | Custom Cars | Player Businesses | Civ & Criminal RP | POLICE / EMS


Aug 5, 2021
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Introducing Land Down Under RP

is an American themed server run by 2 Australians. Here at LDURP we take pride in all we do. We have created a server that is friendly for CIV, Fire/EMS and Police.


What do we offer at LDURP?
🌟 》We offer extremely high quality Role Play for everyone in our community. This includes a fully optimised dispatching centre with a integrated CAD, 150+ Civilians and are still expanding, We have 3 LEO departments, 1 Medical Service (Will expand), Many whitelisted and public jobs and much more to see.

🌟 》We are currently a public server but not long until we go whitelisted, this whitelist application will include building your character from the bottom up and bringing RP to its MAX!! So get it in before you we go whitelisted so you have every chance to build up your life.

🚔 | LEO - At Land Down Under we provide 3 fully set up and optimised departments. These **3 departments** include many **sub-divisions** such as K9, QRT (Quick Response Team), Bomb Squad, General Duties, S.W.A.T, Gang Unit, Air Unit, Search and Rescue, motorcycle division, Water Team and much more! **Many of the departments/subdivisions are still requiring a member to run them so try your luck open a ticket in our **[discord](https://discord.io/ldurp/)** and we will get back to you!** All of our departments come fully equipped with the best uniforms and vehicles for all your needs. **LEO** also have an amazing **CAD** with a **live dispatching** centre, this dispatching centre includes a **Live Map**, Attach units to calls, Set markers, **Create calls** and much more.

🌟 》Blaine County Sheriffs Office
🌟Los Santos Police Department
🌟 》Los Santos Port Authority

🚒 | SAFR- The San Andreas Fire & Rescue Department is one of my favourites. It comes fully equipped with a fleet of 19 Vehicles, these vehicles include Ladder Trucks, Engines, Rescue Units, Equipment trucks, Ambulances, Fly Cars and Helicopters. SAFR** also comes with some **amazing** uniforms including, Fire Turnout Gear, Station Uniform, Formal Uniform, Technician Uniform, EMS Duty Uniform and EMS Turnout Gear. It also comes with a Medical Record system which can be used via a simple command. You can search up these records at any given time to check a patients history and log the present injuries.

🚑 | EMS - EMS has state of the art facilities, between 4 custom hospitals including an impressive mega hospital at Mount Zonah. EMT’s at Land Down Under have an abundance of material to create great avenues of RP, between having patients flown back to hospitals using the **Heli** or one of the Ambulances vehicles, you’ll be able to give the patients the treatment they truly deserve when wheeling them in on a fully functioning stretcher!

🚐 | Delivery- A high paying job that is **player owned**. You can purchase a warehouse down near Los Santos Port. If your the boss of this job **you can hire, kick and employee anyone you like.** You can promote and demote. You deliver packages all around SA.

🚗| Car Dealer - Another well paying job that allows you to **own it yourself** and you may hire, kick and employee anyone you like. You can promote and demote. You sell all the high-end, low-end and medium style cars possible. This is the job everyone wants to own.

🚙 | Mechanic - Another job everyone and their mothers want. Sadly this one isn't player owned but you may still be the boss. You do everything from a **simple car repair to illegal modifications.** You get to see some of the nicest cars SA has to offer and hopefully not break them.

🏠 | Real Estate Agent - **Land Down Under** comes already prepared with over 250 houses to be bought, but that's not all real estate has to offer. We have many **MLO's and YMaps** around the map that would maybe like to live in but it doesn't have a for sale sign? Ring up your Real Estate Agent and tell them you'd like to purchase a house. They will swing by set the house up for you and you hand over the cash.

🌿| Drugs - You can secretly purchase your own drug lab. Like some of the other jobs this is player owned. This job allows you to make Weed, Coke and Meth and distribute them all over SA.

🚛 | Towing - COMING SOON, a job that has civilians driving around and towing those pesky illegally parked vehicles, or working in tandem with the LSPD and removing cars used in criminal activities. This job can also be tied up with the car dealer for Repo orders if they have not paid their finance.

🍩 | Food & Drink - We have a food and drink based system here, however, it’s not a case of you die if it runs out. If you run out of food or drink, you’ll have more limitations such as not being able to run or jump. The idea behind food and drink is to drive players to common areas where you are more likely to find an interaction, and don’t fear! You can buy food pretty much anywhere, vending machines, gas stations etc...

🚲 | Rentable Bikes - Scattered across the island of Los Santos at key areas there is bike rentals, these are cheap push bikes that you can use to get around the city in a pinch.

🏎️ | Custom cars - As stated in the mechanic section we have a lot of import cars and they have custom handling unique to LDURP.

🏋️‍♀️ | Carry - Has your friend fallen down and needs assistance? All good just use /carry and get the some help.

🏡 | MLO’s - We have purchased a LOT of custom buildings within the city, places that don’t require fast travels to enter. These range from actual houses you can buy that you can walk straight into, all the way up to player owned businesses such as car dealers. These allow for more in depth RP and encourage people to interact together more.

👕 | Custom Clothing - We have many custom clothing for all your needs, drug deal, shady business, meeting, emergency services and much more...

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