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Jul 13, 2022
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Our company offers services that are used as a platform that offers digital solutions. We work with professional staff to help the family run their business in the digital world.
Here are some of the services we offer:


Türkiye Location
Ryzen 9 5900x 100% Ddos money back guaranteed
Xeon E5-2699v4 100% Ddos money back guaranteed

Germany Location
Ryzen 5 3600 (No Ddos Protection Because It Is Germany)


The operating system Fivem Developer team is at your service to fully customize your Fivem server and combine the features you want. We offer original and unique solutions to maximize your server device.

Fivem Key

Fivem gives private keys for your server. These keys are used to enhance the features of your server and increase user migrations. With our Fivem Keys, you can make your server more interesting and give players a better experience.

Fivem Boost

Our Fivem Boost service is an ideal option to increase the popularity of your server. We help you set your server apart from the rest by taking the necessary walks to increase player management and interaction. With Fivem Boost, you can speed up your server's path.

Dispute Support

We support you with our Discord Boost service to increase the activity and interaction of your Discord server. You can get more members around your server cell and make your server shorter with special roles and features. With Discord Boost, we help members of your community and have a stronger communication.

Team Speak 3

We offer professional Teamspeak 3 services to get superior quality voice communication experience on your Teamspeak 3 server. You can strengthen the interaction of your community with a highly efficient and reliable communication platform. We are here to assist you with the management and configuration of your Teamspeak 3 server.

Server Exclusive Song

You can make your brand or events even more impressive with songs specially composed and arranged for your server. Our professional musicians and production team can enhance the atmosphere of your original and enduring song run server for you.

Server-Specific Intro Video

An impressive and original intro video can give your presenter a professional look. Our expert video editors design a custom intro video for your server based on your evaluations. You can attract more players to your server with an attractive promotional video to meet your needs.

Server-Specific Map Designs

Unique and custom maps can enrich your server's gaming experience. Our capable map savers provide players a unique experience with map descriptions used for your server. You can contact us to change the game world of your server and excite your users.

Server-Specific Discord Bot

We are developing a special Discord bot suitable for the features of your Discord servers. Customized bots fulfill the elements required for the management and interaction of your server. Our Discord bot can have various redirects like moderation, game stats, auto replies, music playing.

Discord Developer

We can develop special features for the features of your Discord server. For example, we may offer features such as a custom role management system, event calendar, rank system or voting options. This way you can improve the interaction and management of your server.

Integrations: We can provide the integrations needed to integrate your Discord server with other platforms. For example, you can expand the content of your server with various integrations such as Twitch or YouTube comprehensive, music bots or custom API integrations.

Discord Developer services allow you to maximize the reach of the Discord platform and your community to support your targeting. Professional Discord Developer team is here to offer you customized solutions with its computer and expertise. You can contact us for solutions suitable for the features of your Discord server.

Web design

We strengthen your business's online presence with our professional web design service. You can attract the attention of your customers with impressive web articles with unique, user-friendly and aesthetic output. You can contact our expert team for an offensive website that is suitable for your business use.

Logo design

Our company provides unique and impressive logo management services that form a part of your business. Our professional graphic contributors work with you to understand your business's values and goals and create a logo design to meet your needs.

A logo makes your brand recognizable and leaves a lasting impression on your mind. Our aim is to attract aesthetic appearances that determine the uniqueness of your business.