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Advertisement Maritime Roleplay & Freeroam


Jul 16, 2021
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Maritime is a Roleplay & Freeroam server combined!
  • Anywhere outside of the AOP is considered Freeeroam
  • We have over 900 addon cars, planes & boats available for you to Roleplay with, and a very friendly community & staff team
  • Maritime is an English-based server, so you are expected to speak English.
  • AOP Changes every few months depending on polls hosted in the Announcements channel in our
  • All departments are fully fleshed out and have their own unique rules & guidelines.
  • Maritime has been up for over three years, and it has improved every day since then.
  • You are free to request any vehicles / scripts that you might find the server needs in our #mod-requests channel in our
  • The server is based on Californias Laws & Regulations
We’re looking for new roleplayers that are interested in improving the Roleplay experience for everyone!

Our Departments

All departments are looking for new recruits at the moment
Los Santos Police Department (15+)
San Andreas State Troopers (15+)
US Marshals (15+)
Fire / EMS (14+)
Gruppe 6 (13+)

No experience is needed, you will be trained in all departments.

List of custom interiors / exteriors

Mission Row PD (LSPD)
Popular Street PD (SAST 1/2)
Palomino Freeway PD (SAST 2/2)
Pillbox Hill Hospital
Rockford Drive City Hall
House Interiors in Mirror Park
House Interiors on Grove Street
Working Cinema on Vinewood Boulevard
Tim Hortons

There are many other smaller interiors around the map that are not listed above.

Scripts / Plugins
  • vMenu
  • Police Menu
  • Seatbelt Script
  • Fire Script
  • EUP
  • Emote Menu

Discord: discord.gg/2jkx23HCAD:
Applications: All apps will be found in our channel in our .





  • SAST.jpeg
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