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Advertisement [NEW] BearRP | NoPixel Inspired | Serious RP | Balanced Economy | Import Cars | Businesses | EMS/PD | Drugs | All Robberies | Whitelist Jobs


Oct 22, 2021
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United Kingdom
BearRP is a very well developed FiveM server for those looking for a welcoming, friendly community and want serious roleplay.

We know that the population will be low during the first couple of months, but if you stick with it we are confident that you will make this your new home.

We have been under development for over 6 months, and are almost ready to share with you. We are eager to build and create great RP with you all. This is the place to meet and make new friends and create serious roleplay situations.

Join our to be apart of a ever growing city and help us grow!

Whitelisted Jobs

We have a lot to offer when it comes to whitelisted jobs, We are hoping for professionally run departments for those wanting serious RP. Work hard and you might make it to the top of the departments. Here are some of the whitelisted jobs we have currently:

Bean Machine:
PDM Salesman:

ems beds.png
Police Department (NOW HIRING):
pd front.jpeg
pd inside.png
Working MDT

Any business ideas you have and you would like to see in the city. Join the discord and tell us your ideas. We are eager to hear your ideas and want to make this city the best we can.

Illegal Activities

In the city of Bear RP there is plenty of mischief you can get up to. for example :

  • Street Racing (with a fulling working racing app)
  • Selling and or manufacturing drugs (Not gang exclusive!)
  • Black Market (Ran by an active person)
  • Bank Heists (With working hacking!)
  • House/Store Robberies (Fully Working)
  • Gang activities (Gangs need to be whitelisted!)
  • Illegal Stash Houses (Can be placed anywhere!)


BearRP has a balanced semi-realistic economy which gives the feeling for grinding for items and vehicles a real thrill. With this you will have some decisions to make when it comes to purchasing your first vehicle.

When it comes to making money there is plenty to do to earn some cash! With our non-whitelisted Jobs you will never be bored. We have the following :

  • Sanitation (Garbage)
  • Mining
  • Delivery Job
  • Impound Worker
  • Fishing
  • Chicken Farm
  • Hunting
  • Scuba Diving

Other Features

We also have a few other features you might want to take a look at :

  • Full working Casino
  • Working Inventory
  • Custom Cars (more to added)
  • Housing (anywhere on the map)
  • Custom Clothing (for both male and female)
  • Custom Hairstyles
  • Drug locations
  • Nitrous
  • Custom Parking/Garage system
  • Underground racing ( Los Santos Tuner DLC, all DLC cars included and Underground racing track)
  • Multiple Apartments
  • Pokemon Packs

There is so much to do within the city or BearRP and it all awaits you with a click of a button! If you would like to do you bit if the server has interested you, please feel free to spread the word of out server. This community is built upon you guys and we cannot do this without you!

We hope to see you in the city soon!
Discord :

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