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New Fivem announcement

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New known issues in the September 29 production update for FiveM:

- CEF appears to have been unintentionally recompiled with custom codecs disabled, so H.264/H.265/MP4/MP3 files will not work.
This is a shortcoming with CEF build scripts and will be fixed shortly.
- There are a number of common issues with locals for distance controls or interior colors.
So far these seem to be exclusive to Intel CPUs and we suspect a change in compiler behavior when compiling the Lua runtime. We are still investigating.
- Fixed another Lua behavior change in Canary, please check before reporting if it works there.

Regardless of today's update we are seeing a bigger wave of failed hostname issues for lambda.fivem.net and keymaster.fivem.net, this seems to be an issue between some ISPs and Cloudflare, change your DNS to https :/ / or similar as a temporary fix.


Not open for further replies.

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