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Advertisement NoLoveLost RP


Sep 11, 2021
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Come fly into NoLoveLost RP; the land of War & Love.

Live your most best lifestyle in Los Santos city collecting, trading, selling our limited and wide variety of luxury and exotic vehicles. With our unique vehicle dealership no one person's garage is the same; with new unique options every week we live by the HYPE!

You need to make that money! Get on your grind legally or illegally with our range of jobs from trucking, airlines, and garbage collection with friends to buying and selling drugs, robbing stores, and stealing exotic vehicles. Come respectfully to all our ladies.

Wanna serve the city? Get a whitelisted job today! LSPD, EMS, LSFD, and Mechanics are always hiring!

Feature List:

  • Los Santos City RP
  • Whitelisted Community
  • Friendly Staff
  • Economy Serious RP
  • Custom Exotic and Luxury Cars
  • Custom Police Cars
  • Unique Dealership; "Seasonal" Release of Vehicles (Every Week)
  • Properties
  • Scratch-Offs
  • Personal Pets
  • Player Owned Shops
  • Player Ran Businesses
  • Phone w/ texts and calls
  • Dirty Money w/ multiple ways to launder
  • Multi-Characters
  • Full CAD System for Characters and Emergency Units
  • Tattoo Shops
  • Custom Clothing - Hype (Supreme, Yeezy, Gucci, True Religion, ETC)
  • Store Robberies
  • Bank Robberies
  • Mug AIs
  • Mug Players
  • Realistic Car Damage
  • Vehicle Sales (Dealerships and Players)
  • Licenses for Driving, handguns, etc.
  • vMenu (Limited Use)
  • Variety of Drugs to Sell and Use
  • Public Garages and Impounds
  • Many Jobs such as Mining, Bank Security, Trucking, Taxi Driver, and More!
  • Radar Detectors
  • Bank Deposit Boxes
  • Locker Rooms for Items
  • Vehicle Trunks to Hide Items or Players.
  • Engine Killers
  • Ammo Clips
  • Jewelry Heists
  • Mechanic Shops
  • Variety of Legal Punishments
  • Gambling
  • Vehicle Robberies
  • Illegal Cargo Transport
  • Race Players to Waypoints
  • Custom Usable Items
  • Car Indicators
  • Sell Drugs to AI
  • Public RP Places (Shopping Center, Nightclub, etc.)
  • Variety of Emotes in-game
  • Realistic Weapon Usage
  • Fishing
  • Personal Vehicle Locking
  • Boat Shop
  • Realistic Fuel System
  • Realistic Vehicle and Player Health System
  • Speed Cameras
  • Drag Strip
  • Server Events (Auctions, Casino, Racing)
  • Legalized Weed!
Join our discord and do not be afraid to ask for help; any user will help get you setup in the City!



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