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TooLiveAJ Online


Nov 1, 2021

Welcome to NonStop GamingRP, an RP server that's ran by our Parent Brand NonStop Gaming Network ™. NonStop Gaming Network ™ is here to provide players with the Network of Private Servers including our twist on a GTA V RP Server. We specialize in bringing the best Private Servers for our players no matter the game. Here at NonStop Gaming RP. The city is your playground to earn money, build rep, buy the vehicles of your dreams, own businesses, & so much more. Grab some friends. Make Allies. Do what you must to be on top. NSGRP offers limitless opportunities for establishing yourself and making your name known in the city.

  • Civilian Jobs: Trucking, Taxi, Tow Truck, Restaurant, Garbage Collection, Diving
  • Whitelist Jobs: Police, EMS, Mechanic, Car Salesperson, Real Estate Agent
  • Criminal Activity: Banks, Jewelry, Armored Bank Truck, House Robberies, Chop Shop, much more!
What We Offer to Our Community

  • Custom Framework
  • Custom Scripts
  • Custom Clothes & Vehicles
  • Custom YMAPS
  • Community Events
  • Dedication and Loyalty to our Community [THAT MEANS YOU]

Screenshots - As the days go by. I will make it my promise and my word to post updates ands screenshots to keep the VAG community updated.


11/15/21 - NSG RP is open in our Beta/Development stage for player experiences to spot and report bugs back to Owners & Devs.


We plan to improve it as much as possible and listen to your concerns, which will help us develop a mature user base focused on delivering an immersive user experience

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