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Guide OneSync: What is Infinity?


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May 6, 2021
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First of all, Hello VAG Forum users.

I don't know much about infinity, a few friends were wondering, so when I did some research, I found these notes on the internet, I don't know how true they are, I wanted to share them with you.

OneSync: What is Infinity?
A mod that currently allows 1024 players. We only tested 600 people/players in the tests as we couldn't get more players, but in the end it performed quite well. (on a server with minimum specs)
It uses the following technological changes to achieve this:
Removing population to save object id pool space. However, you can still create (some) synchronized/networked pads using the script.
Player pad/vehicle removal. No assets are created on clients outside of the 'focus zone', which is currently hard-coded to 300 units around a player. We are still looking for a better algorithm for this.
No players are created locally outside of the focus region. This means that all player refreshes must be server-side.
Also, the player currently has slightly better performance than the 'normal' OneSync due to pad thrust and is called a 'head blending bug'.

What does OneSync: Infinity do?
Autopopulation is disabled otherwise you will run out of object IDs around 200-300 players.
You currently need a Platinum subscription or 'manually supplied Infinity' group membership. Once further developed, we may drop allowing tiered player limits for lower Patreon subscriber levels.
Admin menus, teleport to player, interface and scoreboards will not work properly at all. Loops still use up to 256 max or "GET_ACTIVE_PLAYERS" but only finds nearby players.

How to use OneSync: Infinity?
Make sure your server has the correct license key type.
You can add "+set onesync_enableInfinity 1" or "set onesync_enableInfinity 1" in server.cfg.
Make sure you set it to "onesync_enabled" and "sv_maxclients".
Fix your scripts that will show/show missing lists.
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