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Guide Only working method to play FiveM while banned.

h8r Çevrimdışı


Aug 9, 2021
As you may know FiveM recently patched bugged rockstar accounts which 99% of "spoofers" used to unban people. Seen as this has been patched, these bullshit spoofers no longer work.

The only working method to play FiveM while banned at the moment is to play on a virtual machine. This might sound complicated at first, but there is a tool to make the set up much easier and it saves a whole lot of hassle. I also included a video (Not made by me credit to BaziForYou for creating it) if you get confused with this method.
For this to work make sure you meet all these requirements:
  • Windows 10 20H1+ Pro, Enterprise or Education OR Windows 11 Pro, Enterprise or Education. Windows 11 on host and VM is preferred due to better compatibility.
  • Matched Windows versions between the host and VM. Mismatches may cause compatibility issues, blue-screens, or other issues. (Win10 21H1 + Win10 21H1, or Win11 21H2 + Win11 21H2, for example)
  • Desktop Computer with dedicated NVIDIA/AMD GPU or Integrated Intel GPU - Laptops with NVIDIA GPUs are not supported at this time, but Intel integrated GPUs work on laptops. GPU must support hardware video encoding (NVIDIA NVENC, Intel Quicksync or AMD AMF).
  • Latest GPU driver from Intel.com or NVIDIA.com, don't rely on Device manager or Windows update.
  • Latest Windows 10 ISO / Windows 11 ISO - Do not use Media Creation Tool, if no direct ISO link is available, follow
  • Virtualisation enabled in the motherboard and on the Windows 10/ 11 OS (requires reboot).
  • Allow Powershell scripts to run on your system - typically by running "Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted" in Powershell running as Administrator.

How to enable Hyper-V
  1. Right click on the Windows button and select ‘Apps and Features’.
  2. Select Programs and Features on the right under related settings.
  3. Select Turn Windows Features on or off.
  4. Select Hyper-V and click OK.
Windows programs and features dialogue box

When the installation has completed you are prompted to restart your computer.


  1. Make sure your system meets the prerequisites.
  2. Search your system for Powershell ISE and run as Administrator.
  3. In the extracted folder you downloaded, open PreChecks.ps1 in Powershell ISE. Run the files from within the extracted folder. Do not move them.
  4. Open and Run PreChecks.ps1 in Powershell ISE using the green play button and copy the GPU Listed (or the warnings that you need to fix).
  5. Open CopyFilesToVM.ps1 Powershell ISE and edit the params section at the top of the file, you need to be careful about how much ram, storage and hard drive you give it as your system needs to have that available. On Windows 10 the GPUName must be left as "AUTO", In Windows 11 it can be either "AUTO" or the specific name of the GPU you want to partition exactly how it appears in PreChecks.ps1. Additionally, you need to provide the path to the Windows 10/11 ISO file you downloaded.
  6. Run CopyFilesToVM.ps1 with your changes to the params section - this may take 5-10 minutes.
  7. Open and sign into Parsec on the VM. You can use Parsec to connect to the VM up to 4K60FPS.
  8. Install GTA 5, Steam and FiveM
  10. That should be everything.


If you have an NVIDIA card then you need to remove nvml.dll from the VM every time you reboot the VM.

Extract the zip to wherever you want on the VM.
Run nvml_Remover_setup.bat as administrator.
This will move the other batch file to your autostart so that nvml.dll is removed every startup so you dont have to do it.
If the cmd window says "All Done" then it is successful and you can now play FiveM freely and not be banned.

If this is all too complicated for you then here is a youtube video which does it the longer way, but might be easier seen as its a video.



Sep 25, 2022
i got unbanned first time but then i logged in with banned discord on accident now cant get unabnned after remaking whole new virtual machine

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