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Script Pe-Fake-Plate (Standalone/ESX Vehicle Fake Plate System)


Super Moderator
Jul 4, 2021
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Dear vag forum members, today I am sharing something you may like.


Pe-Fake-Plate is a standalone resource and is not dependent on any framework. This was made due to the absence of a free reliable fake plate system that was optimized and didn’t contain any exploits. There is no database changes within this resource. Players will have to set their old plate on their vehicle before storing. If requested, I can add an additional config option for this, but it defeats the purpose of a “Fake Plate”. Resource currently runs at 0.0 ms.



  • Standalone resource with optional ESX integration (Usuable item and item removal/adding).
  • Distance check server side to prevent exploiting.
  • Changing of plate with animation.
  • Fake plate contains a string of 8 letters/numbers so it looks authentic and not XXXXXXXX/blank plate like some resources chose to do. (See )
  • Debug prints to help with any issues you may have.
  • Version checker to ensure you’re on the latest version.
Any configuration is set within ether the or the .

Dependencies (Required)

  • OneSync is required. This resource was tested with OneSync Infinity and not legacy.

Dependencies (Optional)

Supported Notifications

Pe-Fake-Plate supports the following notification resources by default:

  • (Recomended) T-Notify offers numerous advantages over any other notification system and has well written . This is the suggested notification system to be used. Please ensure you’re on the latest version.
  • This resource uses SendAlert and not the old way of DoHudText so this version is required if you want to use Mythic-Notify.
  • GTA Online styled notification system.
  • ESX Notifications Basic ESX notifications.

Supported Progress Bars (Optional)

Pe-Fake-Plate supports the following prgress bar resources by default:

If you would like more supported please follow the same code style and PR it.

How it works​

  • Player gets inside the vehicle they want to change and gets out.
  • Player does /fakePlate to apply the fake plate and /returnPlate to reset it back to the original plate.
  • If esx is being used then the player can use the item instead. The config option has to be set to true first.

Planned Features​

  • When multiple fake plates are applied to different vehicles, allow the returning of the plate to each vehicle. (Currently you can only apply the return plate to the first vehicle.)
  • Sync fake plates so someone else who didn’t set the fake plate can remove it.
  • Force the player to walk to the trunk so the animation doesn’t clip.




Gold Elite
Sep 7, 2021
Reaction score
A 0.00 ms scipt wow nice scipt and thank you for the detail. Super good job and thanks for sharing :)


Bronze Elite
Mar 5, 2021
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Hi, all the plate changer that i´ve tested they always are recognecible by the police system, they always can see car owner. It happens in this one too? Or when police try to see who is the owner it cant recognize it?


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