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Advertisement 💸PremiumRP💸 A new Roleplay experience! (Public to all)

ZeroCluu Çevrimdışı


Oct 30, 2021
SeriousRP 📝 | Economy 💵 | Custom Clothing 👚 | Custom Vehicles 🚘 | Custom Textures 🌲 | Jobs 👷‍ | Businesses 🏛️ | Houses 🏠 | Pets 🐶 | Drugs 💊 | Heists 💥 | Gangs 🥷 | Activities 🎱 | Arcades 🕹️ | Gym 🏋️ | Casino 🎲 | Custom Scripts 📝 | Regular Content Updates 👨‍💻 & So Much More!

Ever felt like there was something missing from other servers? Ever thought there could be more activities to roleplay than just standing around the same area daily talking to the same people with nothing to do inbetween? PremiumRP exceeds all limits on roleplay! We are a non whitelisted, public USA/U.K. mixed server - from clothing, to police vehicles, to players to give maximum freedom of choice.
You must be mature & 16+, have a working microphone and at least have a basic idea of what Roleplay is. We have a friendly and easy going staff team aswel as all the information you need regarding rules and server tutorials in our discord to help new players!

We feature a ton of custom content:
Minigames such as: 8ball pool, arcades, basketball, minigolf, lazer tag, boxing, gym & more
Custom Jobs such as: lumberjack, gold panning, hunting, trucking, chicken farming, fishing & more
Whitelisted Jobs such as: police, mechanic, gun dealer, car dealer, mcdonalds, weed shop & more
Custom Vehicles: all custom packs, no cheap free stuff that you have seen before
Custom Clothing: tons of designer drip and emergency service outfits for all occasions
Drugs & Illegal Missions: located around the map for you to hunt and explore



  • Screenshot (1261).png
    Screenshot (1261).png
    2.9 MB · Views: 39
  • Screenshot (1190).png
    Screenshot (1190).png
    3 MB · Views: 33
  • Screenshot (1233).png
    Screenshot (1233).png
    2.9 MB · Views: 34
  • Screenshot (1177).png
    Screenshot (1177).png
    2.4 MB · Views: 37
  • Screenshot (1010).png
    Screenshot (1010).png
    2.8 MB · Views: 38
  • Screenshot (1180).png
    Screenshot (1180).png
    1.2 MB · Views: 36
  • Screenshot (989).png
    Screenshot (989).png
    2 MB · Views: 43

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