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Advertisement Prevail RP

Dec 29, 2021
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Los Santos
Prevail Roleplay is a community driven server that thrives on bringing fun, serious, & creative roleplay scenarios to every member. Standing at over 1,000 members, we have launched our way into the next chapter of FiveM roleplay. Whether you're patrolling the streets as an officer, plotting your attack on a rival gang, creating a drug ring, or progressing through the bank robbery system, there's always something to do in the streets of Prevail. Join us and leave your mark in our story. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— 》Weekly Updates 》Streamer friendly! Welcoming community! We love introducing new members to the city lore. 》Beautiful Highrise apartments with parking to start your journey. 》Active, dedicated, & Growing development team! (apply on Discord) 》Community Events! Fun races and activities where the governor hands out prizes for the winners. 》Full Bank Robbery Progression System. Do the work, find the right people, and progress your gang to be the top organized criminals in the city. 》Drifting/Drag Racing/Street Racing 》Huge range of custom clothing including hype beast and designer to fully enhance your character 》Realistic face morphing character creation to make you stand out in the city 》Custom Weapons 》New advanced drug missions where the player has to progress in his journey to become the drug kingpin. 》Businesses custom coded in for the ultimate roleplay experience (must apply and be approved) 》Player rented billboards to spread your message to the city 》SO MANY more features that you, yourself, have to find and explore! ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— 》Innovated Police system equipped with MANY features to keep order within the streets of Los Santos Progress through the ranks from cadet to high command with sub divisions and training system 》Full in-depth advanced Emergency Medical Services - Wheel chairs, beds, custom import vehicles/aircrafts 》Advanced Police System. Innovated MDT, Alerts, Callsigns, and custom Police items 》Fully whitelisted player owned car dealership. Get hired by the boss and sell cars for commission! Luxury Import/Specialty Vehicles for you to purchase! 》Flip burgers and work your way up to management at Burgershot! Sell at the drive-thru, the front counter, or even do delivery with a custom Burgershot muscle car! 》Become a real estate agent to sell/create a full housing market! Buy a house from an agent and purchase furniture to create your very own custom layout! Invite friends, host parties, grow weed, and mingle in your mansion in Vinewood hills. 》Find a burner phone and call the number in your contact list to get a mission. Uncover the criminal world to secure your packages and make your money. Don’t forget to clean your money before spending it. Watch out for the gangs controlling the turf. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— 》Our whitelist jobs, regular jobs, and activities all connect to each other through an advanced, and well-thought-out infrastructure. This ensures a player ran economy that is completely based on the decisions of the community. Prevail was created for Roleplay by Roleplayers - #WeWillPrevail 》Join Today on Discord!:

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