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Sales [Project 5Point.Store] Best ESX Server



Silver Elite
Apr 23, 2021
Welcome to 5Point.Store Servers!

"The Best Thing For GTA 5 (FiveM) Roleplay Server"

Are you in search of an expert who can create a Fivem server with some premium scripts? Absolutely you are at perfect place.

Hey! We are FiveM server developers and creators having a lot of experience with "Lua", "CSS", "HTML" & "JS".

"Lets talk about Stuff"

What You Will Get:

[Whitelisted Factions]:-

  • Police Job.
  • Sheriff Job.
  • FIB Job.
  • Government Job
  • Lawyer Job
  • Weazel News Job.
  • Ambulance/Medic Job.
  • Multiple Mechanics.
  • Car Dealer Factory. [They have to create vehicles and must have to deliver Car Dealers then Car Dealers can sell vehicles on wards.]
  • Multiple Car Dealers.
  • Vanilla Unicorn Job.

[Civilian Jobs]:-
  • Mining.
  • Chicken.
  • Farming.
  • Hunting.
  • Crabs And Shrimps.
  • Fishing.
  • Wood Cutter.
  • Amazon.
  • Go Postal.
  • Gardener.
  • Tailor.
  • Fueler.
  • Taxi. -
  • Trucker.
  • Oxy Runs.

[Illegal Activities]:-
  • Dark Web. [Where you can buy your all illegal items and weapons]
  • Mobile Black Market.
  • Gang Territories.
  • Drugs: Weed, Meth, Coke & Opium.
  • Pacific Bank Robbery.
  • Fleeca Bank Robbery.
  • Shop Robbery.
  • Humane Labs Robbery.
  • Chicken Labs Robbery.
  • FIB Vault Robbery.
  • Aircraft Robbery.
  • House Robbery.

[Police Roleplay Scripts]:-
  • Police MDT. [Attractive UI]
  • Police Dispatch System. [Chat Command]
  • Police Alerts.
  • Police On/Off Duty. [Full Custom From Scratch With Attractive UI]
  • Police Vehicles Anti Theft System.
  • License Manager. [Chief Of Police can assign licenses to players. You can also remove player licenses with Attractive UI.]
  • Police Evidence System to increase rp.
  • Police Radio.
[Other Functions & Activities]:-
  • Banking With Billing System.
  • Health HUD.
  • Car HUD.
  • Casino.
  • ID Card As Item.
  • Driving License Card As Item.
  • Weapon License Card As Item.
  • Hunting License Card As Item.
  • Legal Weapon Shops.
  • Court House.
  • Phone.
  • Custom Inventory.
  • General Stores.
  • Plasma Game.
  • Basket Ball.

[Admin Scripts]:-
  • Admin Menu.
  • Report System.


Why We're Best For This Job: -
  • Effective Communication
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction -
  • Quality Work
  • On Time Delivery
  • We are available 24/7. Create ticket any time.

If You want to buy contact me on Discord given below.

Future Support And Updates Available If You Buy!

Be A Developer Or Team Part. Contact Me On Discord: Bablu Plays#9800
Discord: Bablu Plays#9800
Yvan XD Çevrimdışı

Yvan XD

Oct 1, 2021
Frankly , saying this is the best server you abuse a little. me, I just took all nice scripts and I integrated it on a server extented 1.2. Because I don't know if you are all aware of this but their extented is very old, it is below 1.0. Good luck with integrating recent new scripts.
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