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Nov 26, 2022
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los angeles
Watermark.pngProject Life RP is a Semi-Serious Role Play Server that has been around since 2017. We haven’t had an eco wipe in 4 years! Not a pay to win or money grab server! You can feel comfortable in calling us home!

💢Law enforcement open interviews!!
💢Start your gang for FREE
💢Own a business for FREE
💢Over 1000 vehicles
💢900 custom emotes, and more!
💢LARGE E-girl community 40-50 ladies active daily
💢Custom skins, tattoos, shoes, hair, and clothes
💢We are supportive of our LGBTQ Community as well!
💢 Zoo, Bowling, Carnival , Waterpark , bumper cars Paint-balling and more!!!
💢events are thrown daily!
💢Active PD and EMS! We are hiring
💢140 people during peek hours
💢Beginner Friendly
💢 Controller friendly (no lock on you a shooter or you ain’t!!)

When you enter our discord, you are greeted by our welcome committee, which also offers tours to start you on your path in your RP journey!

Lastly, we are beginner friendly and are here to help you find a city you can call home.

Join our discord Link Below! Follow our content on TikTok as well #ProjectLifeRP.



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