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Script [QBCore/ESX/STANDALONE] Unicorn Lap Dance


Gold Elite
May 30, 2021
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Lapdance script for the Unicorn strip club, it will add a marker so you can buy a lap dance in the premium lounge


  • Strip-Club Blip & Lap Dance Marker at the Unicorn
  • Choose between different framework, qbcore is set by default. [standalone, , ]
  • Update Checker and changelog if new update found directly in console on resource start
  • Run under 0.01ms on idle and 0.03ms when in lap dance (Max reach was 0.07ms)
  • Stripper animation from by
  • Check for players already in a lap dance to avoid conflict or dupe
  • French, English language included (Locale system in a QBCore resource yeah you read right)

Choose which framework your server is using so qb-lapdance can work with it [standalone, , ]
  • Config.LapDanceCost
Set the cost of the lap dance
  • Config.LegMoney
Little easter egg for your player, will add an accessory “Leg money” to the stripper if the player has more than ‘Config.LegMoney’ in cash. Set to a huge value if you don’t want this
  • Config.Nudity
Set to true if you want the stripper to be topless (Only for player above ‘Config.NudityAge’)
  • Config.NudityAge
Player age restriction. If underage and ‘Config.Nudity’ is set to true, the stripper won’t be topless. Set to 0 if you don’t want age restriction
  • Config.UpdateChecker
Set to false if you don’t want to check for qb-lapdance update on start
  • Config.ChangeLog
Set to false if you don’t want to display the changelog if new version is found
  • Config.Blip
Set to false if you don’t want the blip on the map
  • Config.BlipStripclub
This config will let you easily modify the blip to your need. It also include comments to help you in modifying it
  • Config.BlipCoord
If you want to move the blip on the map, change this.
  • Config.Language
Set the language variable that will be used for the locale system. For now, qb-lapdance has translation in French and English (fr or en), but you can easily create your own translation!

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